Claus van Bebber & Michael Vorfeld: Schallplattenkonzert und Lichtspele

It is the first video on this page. (doesn’t allow you to embed)Image

This is a series of audio visual performances in a small room. I loved the ambiguity when the scene first opened; a man walked around a completely dark space with lights on his knees. It was only through the familiarity of his movements that it was clear that the two orbs of light were his knees. The space was only accessible through viewing these low resolution knees traveling through it and the amplified footsteps and associated scuffling sounds. Therefore the scale of the space was  lost.

I liked it because it very successfully disoriented me. I think if had only been the light, it would have lost me but the sound added the texture that filled in the details around the mystery of the movements of the light.

I think it probably translated better to video, because it completely blacked out the other areas of the space. I would like to compare it to the actual performance.




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